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Getting Real about Breaking In
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Notice something about the title of this article? It uses the words “breaking in” and this implies that force or unusual tactics are necessary for someone to get into something.
Unfortunately, this is the truth where professional acting is concerned, and this is simply because it is one of the world’s most competitive professions.

Focus – be aware of the Hurdles

“The very first thing a potential actor needs to know,” says Craig Warren, Director of, “is that they have to accept the simple truth about a career in acting – that it is a serious challenge. Once they ‘get real’ about it, they can usually begin to make some good results.”
Why is that? Well, when you know that there are hurdles in front of you, you can then find ways to overcome them. When it is a career in acting, it usually means applying yourself to perfecting the craft while also networking and making some connections that can get you a bit of work.
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The Process Uncovered - More than Just Acting
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The Process Uncovered – More than Just Acting

“Business is business,” says Craig Warren, Director of, “and a lot of actors forget that they belong in an industry that is both creative and totally about business.” He is referring to the fact that anyone hoping to become a full-time, professional actor is going to have to accept that they only get to do all of that wonderful and creative work after they take care of all of the “business” stuff too.

This means that in addition to perfecting their “craft”, they are going to also have to lay the kind of groundwork that leads to offers for auditions and casting calls. This groundwork starts with assembling a portfolio of great photographs and making a great, clean document that itemizes the work that you have done – even if it is limited to local theater or voice work.
Set up your Career

Consider that just like any of your acting work involves a “process” of creating a back story or establishing a character, your professional career is going to follow the same sort of thought and effort too. For example, you can view any audition or casting call as the opportunity to step back and look at yourself, the actor, as the character and to then build the appropriate story around yourself to ensure good results.
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Commercials, Soaps, and Reality - There is a Lot of TV Acting
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Commercials, Soaps, and Reality – There’s A Lot of TV Acting

Where do I start?

There are a lot of ways to get an acting career started. For example, some of the world’s leading celebrities were actually turned down for work in commercials and soap operas, but went on to score roles in TV shows and films. On the other hand, there are loads of celebrities and professional actors who have made excellent careers from such things as commercials, soap operas, and even from “reality” programs too.

“The important thing to know about acting,” says Craig Warren, Director of, “is that acting for television can be an extremely lucrative and satisfying field.”

While almost all actors have dreams of Hollywood stardom and of seeing themselves in movies, the reality is that a huge percentage of actors never make a transition from the small screen to the “big screen”. There are long lists of names of TV celebrities who will never appear in a movie, and this means that you should direct a lot of your energies at getting your foot in the door for television work too.
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