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Castle Cove, Australia
Rating:   (7)
Total Hits: 2913
Last Online: Occasional
Model ID#: FST1206
Member Type: Standard
Date Joined: 30-11-2008
Gender: Male
Location: Castle Cove, 2069
New South Wales
Experience: Some
With Agency: N/A
Agency Name:
Rates: Negotiable
Travel: Packed and ready
Interested In: Print Ads, Catalogue, Billboard Advertising, Special Events, Acting, TV Commercials, Film Extra, Music Video, Swimsuit, Lingerie, Parts Modelling, Fitness Model
Looking For: Paid Work, More Exposure, More Experience, Mentor
Tattoos: Other, Lower Back
Piercings: Ears,
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About Me

16, Tanned, Very Athletic. I enjoy hard work and a challenge! I like to travel and experience new things. Currently working as a labourer, and I love the outdoors, surfing and snowboarding. I am fit and healthy, have a great personality and get on easily with people. I'm up for anything and will give most things a try. I have a healthy attitude toward life and people, and look and act older than my 16 years. I have a brain in my head and plenty of street smarts. I dislike school, find it boring and am looking to broaden my horizons. I have done a couple of promos for Channel 9 and am looking to get some more experience in Modeling, TV, Ads, Catalogues - whatever I can get my hands on! I play rugby, love my mates, have no trouble with the chicks and love hanging with my family.

My Comp Card
Model ID# FST1206

Age: 16
Height: 193 cm
Chest: 101 cm
Neck: 40 cm
Pant Size: 30 Inches
Shirt Size: M
Shoe Size: 14 UK/Euro
Eye Colour: Green
Hair Colour: LightBrown

My Credit

Model Stat Sheet
Age  16
Height  193 cm
Chest  101 cm
Neck  40 cm
Pant Size  30 Inches
Shirt Size  M
Shoe Size  14 UK/Euro
Eye Colour  Green
Hair Colour  LightBrown
Hair Length  Medium (Ear Length)
Body Type  Athletic
Ethnic Background  White/Caucasian

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