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Inverloch, Australia
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Total Hits: 259
Last Online: Occasional
Model ID#: KSY4268
Member Type: Standard
Date Joined: 09-02-2012
Gender: Female
Location: Inverloch, 3996
Experience: Some
With Agency: N/A
Agency Name:
Rates: Any
Travel: Packed and ready
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Model Ranking
  Victoria Australia Int
This Week 176  910  966 
Last Week 173  879  934 
Highest Place 169  824  861 
Lowest Place 179  917  982 
About Me

My Comp Card
Model ID# KSY4268

Age: 20
Height: 165 cm
Size Dress: N/A
Bust: cm
Waist: cm
Hips: cm
Shoe Size: N/A
Eye Colour: N/A
Hair Colour: N/A

My Credit

Model Stat Sheet
Age  20
Height  165 cm
Size Dress  N/A
Bust  cm
Waist  cm
Hips  cm
Shoe Size  N/A
Eye Colour  N/A
Hair Colour  N/A
Hair Length  N/A
Body Type  N/A
Ethnic Background  N/A

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