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Getting Real about Breaking In

Uploaded by: MyPhatBreak     Date: 27 March 2011

Notice something about the title of this article? It uses the words “breaking in” and this implies that force or unusual tactics are necessary for someone to get into something.
Unfortunately, this is the truth where professional acting is concerned, and this is simply because it is one of the world’s most competitive professions.

Focus – be aware of the Hurdles

“The very first thing a potential actor needs to know,” says Craig Warren, Director of, “is that they have to accept the simple truth about a career in acting – that it is a serious challenge. Once they ‘get real’ about it, they can usually begin to make some good results.”
Why is that? Well, when you know that there are hurdles in front of you, you can then find ways to overcome them. When it is a career in acting, it usually means applying yourself to perfecting the craft while also networking and making some connections that can get you a bit of work.
Industry Online Network

For one thing, a modern actor can head to a website like to create a free user’s profile. This allows them to post their best photographs and a detailed history of their work and professional goals. While this alone might get them a bit of attention from visitors to the popular site, they can greatly increase their chances for snagging a call from a casting agent, producer or other industry professional by working at keeping their “rank” high too.

This site uses an array of “Top” lists that indicate which of the actors’ profiles are the busiest, most visited, and have generated work, i.e. “movers”. In order to get in the top of such lists, however, the actor has to get visitors to the profile. They can use the built-in tools at the site, such as Twitter and Facebook links, to get people to “like” or even pay a visit to their profile.

Remember, however, that the function of these social networking sites is to help business professionals just as much as social groups, and this is why someone is going to be able to find ways to “break into” acting through the use of such tools.
For instance, your colleague “Likes” your profile, and they are friends with a group of people involved in TV commercials. This attracts the attention of related professionals, and soon a few emails arrive offering a chance for an audition.

Is it really that easy? No, that is a summary of how it works, but it is the actor who has to get out there and create all of the connections and then USE them to get a foot in the proverbial door. This is where the “acceptance” part of the equation matters – any actor, no matter how fantastic they are, is going to have to really work hard just to get a bit of a break. That is why the use of any free tools will be tremendously valuable.
Some of the industry sites offer up some interesting options such as forums and discussion boards where actors and fellow industry professionals can share tips, give advice, and even point out some opportunities for auditions or work.
How to take advantage of Networking

Clearly, one of the major methods of breaking into the world of TV, commercial, or film acting is to begin using the many opportunities for networking so readily available in the modern world. Sites like MyPhatBreak are great for serving as a conduit or channel through which the various connections come together.

Here’s a good illustration of how you might use your existing connections to get a shot at an acting gig – you have a portfolio of “head shots” and photographs that you use whenever you get a chance at an audition.

You create a profile at different social networking sites (like Facebook and Twitter) and you begin adding “Friends” and seeking out valuable contacts. If you have any videos of your work, you add those to the profiles too. One thing to remember, however, is to ensure that you are really presenting the best “first impression” at the social networking page – so keep the personal conversations and exchanges to a minimum.

You then create a profile at MyPhatBreak and inform all of your network connections of the profile using Tweets and status updates. You will automatically begin to see your rank improve because people are visiting the profile, “liking” it and re-tweeting information about it. Not only does that high rank at the industry website increase your chances for job offers, but it also ensures that a worldwide audience is going to learn about you through social networking, see your images, and even help to spread the word.

The Internet is a great resource for the modern actor hoping to break into the professional world, but it does take a bit of effort and persistence to get there.

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