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Stop Chasing the Dream and Live It

Uploaded by: MyPhatBreak     Date: 27 March 2011

What a great idea !!

Create a model site that was ‘all-inclusive’, provided “comprehensive exposure” for the individual, “did not cost anything” to be a member, and had that “social networking” function so you could network with others in the industry.
“This is the type of site that is needed so that it does not lock anyone out of the industry,” said Craig Warren, Director of “I mean think about it…there are a million kinds of models, and every single one of them is looking to get into the market or connect with people who can help them with their careers.”
However, the industry can be a fairly closed society…unless you know the right people.
If you are an aspiring model looking to break into the industry you may not know where to start. You can head to the Internet for some information about finding your first break, and most of the time you will see that you need to create a portfolio and find yourself some “representation”. This means a modeling agency that will include your photographs in with the other models who they are trying to get some regular commercial work for.
So what to do Now!! 

You need a Portfolio. Naturally, the very first step is to get some photographic work done. So, where do you go for that? There are many colleges, art schools, and photographic websites where you might find photographers willing to actually pay you for some modeling, or you can barter with them and work as their model in order to get free copies of the shots they take. This is called TFP (trade for prints)

Networking Sites

There are some great industry networking sites like the website. This website is industry focused and strives to place talent with those who want to capture it. By taking advantage of the network, models can link to their other favorite social websites, and harness a powerful portfolio – essential for launching into the modeling world. Combine this portfolio with the ability to chat, forum and blog with industry members and provides you with what you need to make the break.
You also get an electronic Comp Card to send to agents or even print it out and mail it.
Promote Yourself

When you are using these sites as a sort of self-promotional tool, your goal is always the same as any general website – meaning you will always want to achieve some sort of high ranking in search results. Some of the networking sites will produce a sort of “Top 10” or “Top 50” ranking. You can help yourself here by using social media, forums, and by keeping all of your profiles updated regularly with new photographs and plenty of feedback from friends, followers, and industry professionals.


So, if you are that model looking to stop chasing the dream and to really begin living the professional life that you crave, you should find yourself a few photographers, begin developing that portfolio of excellent work, and then begin visiting the different modeling agencies to find yourself a good representative to get you professional work.
You can help things along by using the Internet as a major tool for self-promotion and make all kinds of industry and social networking profiles at the most significant websites. This is going to put a huge amount of power directly into your hands, but the real payoff can only come if you use the sites to their fullest potential.
More is Better

For instance, in a MyPhatBreak profile you’ll be asked to answer questions about yourself, and it is a good idea to answer every question to the fullest extent possible in order to get the most “hits” on your profile.
Giving out the full details of your professional goals is a primary way to let a photographer or agent know about your interests, experience, and enthusiasm for the work. The more hits you can get, the higher your ranking on the Home page, and if you consistently stand in the top rankings you will be attracting the eye of every professional that visits the site in search of a model.
Facebook & Twitter

You can use social networking sites in a similar manner, though you won’t be competing for a high ranking. Instead, you are just going to try to get your followers to make “like” or “re-tweet” your postings. In this way you are accessing an amazingly large market and putting your images in front of people who might be interested in hiring you for some work.
For example, let’s say that you have a photographer shoot some images of you. You can then go ahead and tweet one picture to your Twitter account, and then you can change your Facebook photograph to your favorite image from the session. By doing this you will be making hundreds, or even thousands, of people aware of you, and this is a great way to find some work!
The Road Ahead

By now you can see just how easy it can be to stop dreaming about being a model someday and to actually start receiving offers through the website. All you have to do is create profile at industry sites and enhance your social networking pages, use the tools to promote them, and monitor your progress. Don’t forget to add more up to date images as often as possible and to use the images of other “Top” or popular models as a form of inspiration for your work.
You will be quite surprised at how quickly you can gain access to the world of professional modeling. Don’t forget too that excellent industry sites like MyPhatBreak will help you to connect with others in your field as well.

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